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Surgical Correction of Popliteal Vein Reflux in Recurrent and Active Venous Ulcer Could Be a Final Decision

Introduction: Candidates for deep venous valvular reconstruction typically have class 5/6 CEAP disease or disabling symptoms, such as severe edema (C4).

Aim of the Work: This study was conducted to further justify the durability of popliteal vein reflux correction in advanced chronic venous insufficiency patients.

Patients and Methods: This prospective non randomized study was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of surgical correction of popliteal vein reflux .It was performed at vascular surgery department, Mansoura university, from January 2014 to January 2016 for 20 patients, divided as follow; 10 patients with secondary popliteal vein reflux underwent axillary vein valve tranfere, 10 patients with primary popliteal vein reflux underwent External Banding.

Results: On 12 months follow up: 2 cases (20%) showed recurrent ulcer and 8 cases (80%) showed complete healing of ulcer. Postoperative valve patency showed 3 cases with patent competent valves 30%. On 24 moth follow up only 1 case with competent valve with axillary vein valve transplant group and no valves were competent with external banding group.

Conclusion: In our study we recommend surgical correction in treatment of severe popliteal vein reflux patients.


Khalid Mowafy, Mosaad Soliman, Abdelsalam Megahed and Ahmed Elshazly

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