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Wire Get Out of Right Foot after Enteral Venous Atheterisation

Introduction: Central venous catheterization is a common useful implement used forIntravenous administration, rapid fluid delivery and guide wire retention is a rare but dangerous complication of central venous catheterization that is usually identified incidentally after the procedure.

Case presentation: A 29-year-old female patent with only symptom of pain and burning inplantar side of her right foot with guide wire emerging out through the plantar side of theright foot about two years after central venous catheterization. There were four wire fragments that one of them protruded through the skin, two wire fragments were removed by using trefoil endovascular snare and one fragment moved to the surface and removed by a small incision.

Conclusions: Experience and attention during performing the procedure are needed, to minimize such complications which are preventable.


Reza Shojaee, Rohollah Davoodabadi, Melika Moazzami, Mohammadreza Rezaei and Mohamadreza Rohani

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